Parlay S’il vous plait

via Daily Prompt: Parlay

The “s’il vous plait” instantly came to me as I typed “Parlay”.   Which then sent me on a  flashback to Junior High School.  In Eighth Grade, we studied foreign language German half the year and foreign language French half the year.  For my Freshman and Sophomore years, I decided to recklessly abandon the romanticism of French in favor of the more sturdy, stoic German.  As a Pennsylvania native growing up within a stone’s throw of the Amish, “Sprechen Sie Deutsch” had my name all over it.

Seriously though, I wanted to take Latin but that year it was no longer being offered as part of the curriculum.  For no reason other than it was the early 1970’s, the start of the “Me Decade” – me, me it’s all about me – therefore ancient, carbon dated, Latin was history!  (Actually, Latin got the axe because the Latin teacher was retiring)

Reset! Back to Parlay.  As a Junior in High School,  I parlayed my years studying  the German language into a once in a lifetime trip to Europe.  Our German teacher accompanied us as our chaperone for a tour of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Parlay s’il vous plait……Hooray!!!

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