How day do dat?

Beautiful. The detail is incredible.  Artists inspired to create images most of us could never dream of making.  (Featured image GIF by MK7 is remarkable in its own right). Unknown Artist (see lower left image) Drawing practice from plaster statue in black and white.


I’m amazed by the information I found when I researched “Circassian”.   It was an eye-opening learning experience. Circassians are “Caucasians” who have a significant historical and societal influence in the Caucasus Mountain region.  It’s a diverse and complex place that can be challenging to understand (and by the way, it’s not where all “white” people … More Circassian

Favorite Artists?

One of the most influential movements of the modern era – Bauhaus An Art and Design must visit:  Bauhaus Movement Magazine Of the artists listed, I’m first drawn to Dali and Kandinsky.