The B-52’s

Enjoy my B-52’s playlist on YouTube The B-52’s from Athens, GA hit the “new wave” scene in 1977.  Their original music style and retro-influenced appearance set  them on the road to success. From left:  Fred Schneider, Ricky Wilson, Keith Strickland, Kate Pierson and Cindy Wilson.  (Ricky Wilson, Cindy’s brother passed away in 1985.)

Call The Man

Call The Man released in June 1997 Last single from her album Falling Into You Special Thanks to Hanneke van Urk Dam for the wonderful video! A very touching, beautiful, emotional song for me.

Say It To Me

Say It to Me (Real Lies Remix) My predicament is simply this You’re an enigma even when you kiss You won’t tell me what or when or how What do you want from me? Just tell me now Say it to me Say it to me (Tell me something)  Tell me want you from me … More Say It To Me